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Firm Foundation


An extensive 25 years of experience in the industry. Select Fasteners Sdn Bhd is led by Mr. Khu Pak Kyoeng and Mr. Daniel Khu, blending strong foundations and ensures the legacy continues into the next generation.

Progressive Personified


Since our formation in April 2000, we have added new products to our manufacturing line-up, expanded operations to a bigger factory sitting on a 2-acre land, and grown to 60 employees strong.  


Enduring Excellence

Through the years, our ability to produce large scale customised products demonstrates a combination of refined technical skills, paired with solid product knowledges and proficient manufacturing capabilities

About Company

An accomplished organisation with close with 25 years combined expertise focused on three major sectors - oil & gas, power utility, and construction.

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Our Products & Services

We carry a comprehensive range of standard and specialty fasteners and are capable of manufacturing
customised products in a large scale with our superior in-house manufacturing capacity.

Our Products & Services

We are one of few manufacturers in Malaysia supplying Polyolefin Coated U-Bolts-constructed via vulcanised polyolefin material and is seamless, applicable to any type of U-Bolts. It has exemplary corrosion eradication capabilities, which is common in the shipping industry and manufacturing such as chemical plants, rigs, refinery piping, and paper mills. Its versatility also makes it a top-notch shock/vibration absorber for FRP, glass-line pipes, and plastics.


We work with clients within Peninsular Malaysia as well as across the South China Sea,
ranging from aviation, oil and gas, railway networks, and energy sectors -
a testament of our versatility and capabilities.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2

Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID)
Sabah Ammonia Urea (SAMUR)

Malaysia China Kuantan Industrial Park

Solar Hybrid System Wat, Belian and Atip (Accessories Parts)

H-Pole Bracing & Cross Member Circular Centre Piece by SESCO (Accessories Parts)

Sarawak S00KV Platform (Accessories Parts)