We carry a comprehensive range of standard and specialty fasteners and are capable of manufacturing customised products in a large scale with our superior in-house manufacturing capacity.

We are one of few manufacturers in Malaysia supplying Polyolefin Coated U-Bolts-constructed via vulcanised polyolefin material and is seamless, applicable to any type of U-Bolts. It has exemplary corrosion eradication capabilities, which is common in the shipping industry and manufacturing such as chemical plants, rigs, refinery piping, and paper mills. Its versatility also makes it a top-notch shock/vibration absorber for FRP, glass-line pipes, and plastics.

Accelerated bimetallic corrosion is common due to metal contact between uncoated U-Bolts and pipes. However, this occurrence can be fully subdued by a combination of 3 key materials - a fluorocarbon coating or HDG-Hot-Dipping Galvanized protecting the base material, PTFE pipe support pad, and polyolefin protected U-Bolt.

Our extensive manufacturing expertise includes products such as bolts (anchor, hexagon, hold down, stud etc.), threaded rods, pipe clamps, and full thread studs - all expertly and meticulously crafted with corrosion resistant coatings to meet each customer’s specifications and material grade requirements.

We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive range of plating and coatings capable of withstanding extreme conditions caused by temperature, chemical, abrasion and corrosion. By welding together our expertise and production capabilities, we are able to create a highly-customized multi layered-coating system suited to specific environment requirements.