Polyolefin Shrinkable U-bolt

Full Thread Stud

Full Thread Stud C/W
45 Degree/ Chemical Bolt

Hexagon Bolt

U-Shape Anchor Bolt (U-Bolt)

Square U-Shape Anchor Bolt
(Square U-Bolt)

L-Shape Anchor Bolt

Sag Rod / Hold Down Bolt
(One End/Both End Thread)

J- Shape Anchor Bolt

Stay Bow & Stay Rod

ACME Thread Stud with Coupler

Eye Bolts (Welded Type)

Anchor Bolt Welded with
Stiffener Plate and Base Plate

Anchor Bolt with Polystyrene Sleeve

Grating Clips Set


Hot Forging Items

Earth Boss Set

D-Neoprene Insulated U-Bolt
with PTFE Lining

Neoprene Insulated U-Bolt with PTFE
Half Round Configuration Pad

Pipe Clamp with
Neoprene Insulation

Silicone Insulated U-Bolt
(Withstand more than 700°C)